Monday Joeys

Joey Scouts is the first Section of Scouts for boys and girls aged 5 to 7, and it’s all about discovery and excitement! Joey Scouts are part of a ‘Mob’, led by a Joey Scout Leader.

Joey Scouts are encouraged to express themselves creatively, through games, stories and craft activities. From building monsters and spaceships from scrap items, to growing plants from seedlings and singing songs together, all Joey Scouts develop a strong sense of belonging and an understanding of the world around them.

Joey Scouts learn how to share and care, and help other people. They also learn how to recognise native birds and animals, and develop an understanding of the impact of our modern world on the environment. Some Joey Scouts might even get the chance to have their first sleepover with their Mob, an important and fun ‘first’ for developing independence.

A trained Joey Scout Leader guides a Joey Mob of up to 20 boys and girls. The safety of all Joey Scouts is very important, which is why there are always leaders on hand during all activities.

Joey Scouts meets from 6pm to 7pm.

The section is supported by the following Adult Leaders:

Shane (Roo) - Joey Scout Leader

Many times you will find Roo sitting alone on a patch of lawn after a Joey adventure or camp, just to have a moment to eat quietly. But Roo is never alone for long with all the Joeys gathering around him to share their lunch, stories and games. Roo has been with the Joey group for over 5 years and loves to share his passion for nature and all things Australian.

Tennille (Koala) - Assistant Joey Scout Leader

If you dont find Koala in the trees and flowers, you will find her keeping sane with four children. I love to try new things and get outside my box. Each of my kids are in Scouts from Joeys, Cubs and Scouts. We are a very busy Scouting family.

Tam (Quokka) - Assistant Joey Scout Leader

Quokka is a quiet and cute lady who is always ready to help those in need. She loves seeing her twin girls achieve and their best in Cubs.