Tuesday Cubs

Cub Scouts is for boys and girls aged 8 to 10 years, and focuses on exploring the outdoors, discovery and learning interesting things! Cub Scouts belong to a Pack and begin to learn leadership and teamwork in small teams called Sixes.

If you enjoy fun, games and learning new skills then you’ll love being a Cub Scout! You’ll get to go on camps with your Pack, and you might attend a Cuboree camp with hundreds of other Cub Scouts! As well as learning things like how to use a compass, you’ll go on bushwalks, bike trips, and have the chance to do things like sailing, canoeing, abseiling and sometimes even flying!

Your Cub Scout Leader will help you along the way and encourage you to take part. You’ll learn life-long skills, make friends and have fun! Cub Scouts are keen to learn, belong, and have fun, so our activities are designed to stimulate their emotional and adventurous spirits.

Cub Scouts meets from 6:30pm to 8pm.

The section is supported by the following Adult Leaders:

Damion (Rama) - Cub Scout Leader

ARRRRR, its a cub life for me….

Cubs rule, Joeys are dirty and Scouts smell.

Once a Greenbank Cub Scout, always a Greenbank Cub Scout

I started with Greenbank Tuesday Cubs in 2014 and moved to Redbank Plains Cubs in 2016 to guide my very own little pack of Cubs but never actually left Greenbank.

So excited to be back back with Greenbank Scouts and as the Tuesday Cub Scout Leader.

When i’m not cubbing I’m a building inspector and pool safety inspector, life focuses around my son who is a Greenbank Venturer, camping, 4wding and did i say Cub scouting.

Cub scouting for me is all about preparation, learning life skills, building confidence, resilience and discovering there are no limits to the adventure. There's a independent leader inside every cub scout, our role in scouting is to help them prepare and believe in self, not just for scouting but for life.

Sue (Possum) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Justin (Darzee) - Assistant Cub Scout Leader